Empire Mayonnaise Co.

Empire Mayonnaise is an homage to the simple, sublime and often over-looked daily condiment. Friends Chef Sam Mason (Tailor, WD-50, Dinner with the Band) and Elizabeth Valleau (Designer, Entrepreneur) came up with the idea while enjoying some lime mayonnaise in a restaurant.

“We realized that there was nothing really out there competing with Hellmans, and that many people were never getting to experience the pleasure of freshly-made mayo. It’s also an incredible flavor medium, which is part of the excitement.” says Sam.


Empire Mayo will launch seasonal and showcase flavors regularly like Lime Pickle, Smoked Paprika, Coffee and Celery Seed – and will always be made with eggs from happy, local chickens.

“It’s amazing how these bright and exotic flavors dress-up every-day treats like french fries or tuna salad. This mayo is really a chance to push the flavor envelope and have fun.” says Elizabeth.