What we do

We’re Innovators in Digital Food Marketing

Our entire team understands the complicated world of branding, advertising and marketing.
We listen to our clients and offer them consulting to build a strong brand so we can help consumers connect with their business.
We have an environment where our team embrace strategy and creativity to present optimized solutions for business owners.

Facebook / Instagram / SnapChat / Google+ / Twitter

Social Media Marketing & Management

Managing your social media is as important as the operations of your business.
While you may be running your business perfectly, you still need a team to dedicated their time to build your social media presence.

FOOD NYC has a dedicated team who does all the research, builds your credibility online and organize your followers with the latest updates. Hiring a full time social media manager can cost up to $60k a year.
With FOODNYC you’ll save 80%+ savings per year.

Save time and money by hiring the experts at Food NYC.


Local Marketing with Yelp! / Foursquare / TripAdvisor / Zomato


Finding Customers in Your Area

Food NYC’s is in love with Local SEO. This is one of our most valued services that we offer to our restaurant and hospitality clients. Our program offers statistical analysis using local search engine tools to provide a marketing campaign in your area. We focus on new customers by mile radius down to a block radius. This feature has been very successful and proven highly converted rate for all our clients.

Online Public Relations

We work with the operational management team for each business to ensure that the feedback we receive from the diners are responded quickly and is acknowledged by the restaurant management team. This program is to ensure that the management can understand the and build a strong relationship with their diners. Strong online PR can be a key factor to building a strong loyalty base & following.




Seamless-GrubHub / Caviar / OpenTable / Merchant Solutions / POS

Optimize your operations with the right tools

Having the right tools can improve your operations and margins by 15-20%. Our experienced merchant solution partner has helped many of businesses improve the efficiency on reservations, kitchen-to-service communication and happier staff as well as customers. Operations of your business should run smooth. Don’t let a little thing like unorganized reservations or confusing ticketing system bring down your business. 

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