Spoonable llc caramel sauces are Brooklyn’s Saucy Caramel!

We have five incredibly delicious, handmade, caramel sauces available:
classic salty caramel, spicy chili, chewy sesame, peppered orange and flowery lavender. And one amazing Brooklyn Butterscotch.

High quality ingredients include a sweet butter and some ultra smooth whipping cream. Add some Camargue fleur de sel, organic herbs, spices and extracts and you’ve got some unforgettable sauce.

Spoonable sauces are excellent for sweet and savory dishes. They’re meant to go on ice cream, fruit, pork, salad (in the dressing) – just about anything. Try slow-cooking a pork butt with some chili caramel sauce. Or a duck á l’orange with the peppered orange. Let your imagination run wild!

And remember:
“I keep thinking of things this could go on but the best one is still a spoon.”
–a very satisfied customer