Sushi Katsuei

210 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(b/t 4th St & 3rd St) Park Slope

Transit information F G 7 Ave.
Phone number (718) 788-5338


Currently the best sushi Omakase experience in Brooklyn.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Katsuei on the first week of opening and visited them multiple times without a reservation before their feature on the The New York Times.

The Infatuation used my toro sushi picture for their piece on Sushi Katsuei which they said “Sushi Katsuei serves the best sushi in Brooklyn. It’s also one of very few places in the city you can get a legit Omakase experience for under $50.” Under $50. Yes.

Now, I love sushi. Especially Omakase sushi. My two sushi crazed friends (Do & Bo) and I like to go beyond the limits and experience the mind of a sushi chef. My last visit to Katsuei, We did 30 of Katsuei’s finest sushi al la carte pieces from all over the world (Mostly from Japan).

I appreciate the flavors of their sushi rice and how the fishes were prepared. Chef Win did a great job keeping us excited by offering creative ingredients from Japan such as Miyoga. Most of the sushi was well balanced, flavorful and left a delightful after taste which left you wanting more.