Web Development & Programming

Our web development team has more than 10 years experience building beautiful websites for restaurants, bars and for small businesses in New York City. Our core focus is to help build a mobile friendly website that can optimally showcase the business and It’s products.

We want our clients to easily communicate with their audience. Every website we build is customized and built with the latest software used in our industry. Let us help you build a website that fits with your taste and achieves your concept.

We’re a FULL SERVICE Web Design company but with competitive pricing like the SaaS-based content management system (CMS) website builders like Weebly, Wix or Squarespace.

Search Engine Optimization & Analysis

We customize, focus and build your websites around search engine optimization. Most web designers build websites without thinking about the long term effects of SEO. Our blueprint for building a great website is to add your business’s personality (customize) while constantly updating codes & software. We intelligently gather researched material on your behalf. Data that we find will help us understand the details about your business and your local competitors.

We understand the laws of search. Let us help you get on the right track by following all search rules, policies and terms so that we can help your chances of getting ranked higher on Google. Understanding your competitors and businesses in your local area is important to gain more interest from potential customers.

Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Server Management

What’s so unique about our company is, We build all our websites on our own dedicated server and virtual private servers with cloud storage options. We want to offer a fast and efficient services that has no downtime. We’ll make sure we have the fastest and the most updated secure software that can run your websites and files. We go above and beyond to include our premium cloud hosting service with affordable costs for all our clients.